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Our Milestones

September 2019 SourceStorecoin releases its launch plan from zero-fee settlement layer (Stone Age) to decentralized democracy (Discovery Age) to p2p cloud (Revolutionary Age). Source
August 2019 SourceStorecoin releases its Cost Per Thousand Transaction (CPT) research quantifying the costs of centralized and decentralized cloud computing. Source
July 2019 SourceStorecoin conducts its first Ask Me Anything (AMA), this one with Messari. The project also announces its open source governances Source
June 2019 SourceStorecoin releases its Litepaper, a 32 page high-level research document outlining the project Source
May 2019 SourceOver 43% of the current STORE circulating supply pre-registers to stake and secure the Storecoin public blockchain Source
Apr 2019 SourceStorecoin launches its Research Division releasing specs on its address schema, its staking economics, and compares BlockfinBFT to other consensus algorithms like Tendermint Source
Mar 2019 SourceStorecoin releases its long-term plans for a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform with data-backed tokens (datacoins) Source
Feb 2019 SourceStorecoin joins the Messari Disclosure Registry; commits to fixed and long-term emission schedules for its treasury; the first simulation of our BlockfinBFT BFT consensus algorithm is released Source
Jan 2019 SourceThe governance peer review mailing list grows to 70+ Source
Dec 2018 SourceStorecoin releases the first version of its zero-fee computing platform for internal peer reviewSource
Nov 2018 SourceStorecoin releases its governance of checks and balances for public peer reviewSource
Oct 2018 SourceFirst version of the Storecoin Wallet is releasedSource
Aug 2018 SourceCommunity members are wearing $STORE tees in 56+ countries and our Telegram grows to 2,000+Source
Jul 2018 SourceStorecoin releases a new inflation plan to be in alignment with sound money of gold and BTCSource
Jun 2018 SourceTesting on BlockfinBFT grows to 220 validator nodes and 40 message nodesSource
Apr 2018 SourceStorecoin’s consensus engine BlockfinBFT becomes patent pending as to prevent malicious hard forksSource
Mar 2018 SourceStorecoin pushes the Tendermint consensus to 169,00 transactions per second with 8 nodesSource
Jan 2018 SourceStorecoin’s second milestone-based sale ends, adding 200+ wallets and $1.3 MM of Treasury Source

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